MAGIC-GLASS is a solution for stroke rehabilitation which applies the consolidated mirror therapy approach in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment for providing the patient an improved rehabilitation experience. Using a portable hardware platform, the patient can perform rehabilitation comfortably at home by means of a set of adaptive serious games, with remote monitoring by clinical staff and further communication features.The system and the method used by MAGIC-GLASS are unique and proprietary. The solution is available and just entered the commercialisation process.The development process was supported by European funds awarded in the framework of MAGIC PCP and INNOLABS projects, which were financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreements no. 687228 and 691556).Tech4Care is the lead company which designed and developed the MAGIC-GLASS solution, incollaboration with Ulster University (United Kingdom) and miThings AB (Sweden).



Stroke survivors and their family carers.


To improve outcomes of stroke rehabilitation and make it more efficient for rehabilitation providers.


To provide MAGIC-GLASS to healthcare providers and patients in Europe and beyond.